Gröhn, Juha

President and CEO, Atria
b. 1963, M.Sc. (Food Sc.)

CEO and President of Atria since 2011.

Joined Atria in 1990. Foreman: Lihapolar 1990-1991. R&D Manager: Itikka-Lihapolar 1991–1993. Director: Slaughterhouse Industry, Atria 1993–1998. Director: Meat Product and Convenience Food Industries, Atria 1999–2003. Director for Steering and Vice Managing Director, Atria 2003–2004. Director for Meat Industry and Vice Managing Director, Atria 2004–2006. Managing Director: Atria Finland, Vice Managing Director of Atria, Group Vice President for Atria Baltic 2006–2010. Managing Director: Atria Scandinavia AB, Vice Managing Director of Atria 2010–2011.