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Stockmann, established in 1862, is a Finnish listed company, one of the leading retailers in Northern Europe.

Stockmann’s two business divisions are the Department Store Division and the Fashion chain division. The Stockmann Group’s store chains operate in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Island, Saudi Arabia and in United Arab Emirates. The Group has a total over 700 stores in sixteen countries including franchise stores, and five web stores.

Group net sales in 2015 were EUR 1.4 billion with international operations accounting almost half of that. The Group employs close to 11,000 workers.

Stockmann’s first store outside Finland was opened in Moscow in 1989.  In November 2010, Stockmann’s Nevsky Centre shopping centre, with a retail and office floor space of 50 000 square metres, was opened in the very centre of St. Petersburg.