East Office welcomes four new companies to its community:  Caverion, Peikko Group, S-Group and Tallink Silja.

Lauri Veijalainen, CEO: I am pleased that there is an increased interest from large Finnish companies operating in Russian market towards East Office and its valuable work, regardless of the industry. We are currently living challenging times. Russia is a significant trading partner for Finland now and in the future. Our long experience, market knowledge and active and efficient networks in Russia are key factors to East Office operations. I am happy to welcome Caverion, Peikko Group, S-Group and Tallink Silja to be a part of East Office community.

Our CEO Lauri Veijalainen, Chairman of the Board Ilkka Salonen and host of the this years
AGM Jussi Pesonen from UPM

East Office AGM held 29.4. appointed CEO of YIT Kari Kauniskangas as the new Deputy Chairman of the Board. CEO of Paroc Anders Dahlblom and Director of Fortum Arto Räty were appointed to the Working Committee. Ilkka Salonen continues as Chairman of the Board. The previous Deputy of the Board Pekka Lundmark informed prior he would continue only until spring 2020 in the position. Lundmark, who is currently CEO of Fortum, was appointed President and CEO of Nokia previously this year. CEO of Aspo Aki Ojanen also informed prior, that he would leave his position in the working committee.

Ilkka Salonen, Chairman of the Board: “On behalf of East Office, I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Pekka Lundmark and Aki Ojanen. They have both shown true dedication to the organization in their actions by being always ready to step in when their valuable assistance and support has been in need.

I am happy to welcome Anders Dahlblom and Arto Räty, who have both been part of the East Office community for years, as the new members of the working committee. Their contributions will be important in EO’s continuing success story. It is also with great pleasure that I congratulate Kari Kauniskangas, our new Vice Chairman of the Board. Kari has been part of the working committee in the past and his insights to doing business in Russia will be without a doubt helpful for all the shareholders of the EO going forward