SRV is a leader in the implementation of innovative development projects. We seek to provide the best customer experience as a developer of urban centres and to be the industry’s most inspiring workplace. Genuine cooperation and enthusiasm is visible in every encounter with us. SRV’s mission is to improve quality of life through sustainable solutions for the built environment.

SRV focuses on housing, business and infrastructure construction in selected urban growth centres, and property investment both in Finland and abroad, as per the company’s strategy. SRV‘s business areas are Construction and Investments.

The Construction segment focuses on implementation services for demand-driven, high-quality and efficient building projects, for both the company’s own sites and those for external developers. This segment is also responsible for the development of SRV’s own residential sites, including housing sales and services for residents, and for the lifecycle maintenance of commercial properties.

The Investments segment’s key objectives are to increase SRV’s financing capacity with the aid of joint financing structures; harness the value chains created by projects more extensively through longer-term ownership; diversify capital risk; and generate positive cash flow. SRV’s investment strategy revolves around the Group’s strategy of building urban centres and harnessing the key megatrends that are affecting the built environment. “Building urban centres” primarily means the construction and ownership of central urban premises, such as housing, offices and retail premises.

Our operating model SRV Approach is based on understanding customer needs and the effective implementation of projects in collaboration with our extensive network of professional partners. The SRV Approach combines the whole construction project into a consistent and flexible process and allows its clients to participate as much as they desire.


  • Sustainability
  • Enthusiasm at work
  • Courage in development
  • Result driven
  • Open collaboration

Our company, established in 1987, is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. We operate in growth centres in Finland. In 2022, our revenue totalled EUR 770.1 million. In addition to approximately 1,000 in-house staff, we have a network of around 3,600 partners.

SRV’s brand promise delivers a message of special expertise: SRV – Building for life