East Office represents its companies’ interests with the highest competence and best knowledge of Russia, Ukraine and CIS.

Understanding Russia
  • Regular economic and industry-specific analysis, reviews and briefings on social, political and business development to its companies
  • Active participation in discussions and debate on Russia in different channels and media
  • Maintaining know-how and distributing information on the Russia’s, Ukraine’s and CIS countries’ economic and political development with its companies
Contacts with Russian and Finnish leaders
  • Active dialogue and networks with Finnish and Russian business leaders
  • Contacts with the Presidential administration and key ministries
  • Efficient network with the leading CEOs and decision-makers in Finland on Russian issues and business environment
  • Maintaining active cooperation with the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (SVKK), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) to create synergies for our companies
Facilitating and supporting our companies’ cooperation and operations
  • Experience sharing between East Office companies
  • Gathering resources in efficient sourcing of information services in order to answer questions relevant for several owners
  • Troubleshooting and support in different issues and operative questions. Being accessible promptly when needed