At the beginning of May 2021, we said goodbye to our old Moscow office at Business Center Romanov and moved to the 7th floor of Smolenskaya Passage Center at Smolenskaya square 3. Our new office is at the heart of Moscow in the business and historical district and only a two-minute walk from the metro station Smolenskaya. We are now closer to the Finnish Embassy in Moscow not to mention surrounded by the key Moscow landmarks and institutions: the Russian Federation Government House, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moskva-river as well as the new business district Moscow-City.

Jari Jumpponen, the head of our Moscow Office, praises especially the view from his new office: What you see from the office windows, depends on what you pay attention to, and how you stand – like often in Russia. Do you focus on the blue horizon, historical sights, and the new shiny skyscrapers, or do you pay attention to the powerplant pipes and the blockhouses urgently in need of a renovation?

Our Executive Secretary Leysan Aflieva appreciates the convenient location. The office building is above a shopping center, which offers number of services, such as restaurants, a fitness center etc. Basically, everything one can possibly need! The office itself is modern and compact in size, Leysan says and continues: The Regus also offers us several meeting rooms which can host up to 40 people. This come’s handy if we need to host larger groups. 

As a cherry on top of the cake, Jari points out, is that the office also has a nice touch of Finnish flow: with KONE lifts, moving around the building is rapid and reliable.

Further inquiries about the office can be directed to our Executive Secretary Leysan Aflieva.