Agreement strengthens ties between 50 largest Finnish and Swedish companies operating in the Russian market

Finnish East Office (EO) and Swedish Östkontoret (ÖK) have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to increase their cooperation in relation to the Russian market and business environment. EO and ÖK represent and support their companies’ business interests in Russia and with increased cooperation, the parties will increase their effectiveness and create added value for their companies. The cooperation between EO and ÖK consists of sharing of market information, joint events, and meetings and networking opportunities for their member companies. Partnership agreement between EO and ÖK creates a unique platform to simultaneously share experiences and find potential new business partners.

East Office represents and supports 33 large Finnish- and Östkontoret 23 Swedish companies active in the Russian market. These include some of the biggest international entities from numerous industry sectors in Russia and combined they make a strong lobbying force.

Lauri Veijalainen, CEO of East Office: The economic interaction and co-operation between Finland and Sweden has always been extensive and the economic relationship at the country level has been active. There is still untapped potential for cooperation, especially between companies operating in Russia. East Office and Östkontoret both represent some of the biggest Finnish and Swedish companies in the Russian market.  By tightening our cooperation, we can bring our companies together to network and find potential new business opportunities and partners in the Russian market.

Fredrik Ekman, Kanslichef of Östkontoret: Finland´s East Office was a major source of inspiration when it was decided 3 years ago to launch a similar business association for large Swedish companies active in Russia. The Finnish way of dealing with Russia commands respect in Sweden and support among Östkontoret´s members for closer cooperation with East Office is strong. Having a partnership with a experienced player in this field like East Office will certainly add credibility to our offering and add value to membership.


Lauri Veijalainen, CEO of East Office: +358 46 876 1648 ;

Fredrik Ekman, Kanslichef of Östkontoret: