As a result of the war, the importance of the Russian market for most Finnish companies has collapsed. East Office Board has approved a new strategy and shareholder agreement for 2023-2025. The focus of East Office is shifted from Russia to the reconstruction of Ukraine and CIS markets, especially Central Asia.

The focus of the world is currently on the war and how to end it, but reconstruction is already being planned. International companies who want to be part of this massive project need to be on-site as early as possible. Instead of each company putting its resources to follow up the complex process, East Office will do it centrally. The next step is to open a small office in Kyiv in the spring.

Besides Ukraine, East Office will continue to monitor CIS countries to provide important operational information on the developments in the area. By linking China and Europe, Central Asia is growing fast in importance and especially Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan offer interesting market opportunities. Many of our companies already operate in the region while others are looking into it.

Monitoring Ukraine and CIS countries and helping our companies in these markets have always been part of East Office services. Therefore we already have resources and networks to be put to use immediately, making the shift natural.

Lauri Veijalainen, CEO: After February 24th, East Office has focused on helping its companies to navigate through the exceptional year by sharing information on the constantly changing business environment and helping with operational issues, legislation, and exits. Peer support among the East Office community was vital especially during the first months, and this year has proven once and for all the strength and value of our community. Though the business environment has permanently changed, the companies have clearly expressed their wish to keep East Office operating. The world is changing and East Office with it, but the community will remain. I thank our companies for their trust.