The cooperation agreement between East Office and LUT university strengthens the links between business and research, especially related to Russian trade, and promotes the growth of Finnish companies.

The interaction between the worlds of research and business has decreased alarmingly during the past years. By joining forces, East Office, a community of the largest Finnish companies operating in Russia, and LUT, university known for its expertise in Russia, are taking a step in another direction.

Agreed membership takes the interaction of its parties to a new level and offers countless opportunities for both. In addition to individual projects, cooperation will be promoted by investing heavily in continuity.

The partnership will bring together not only the country’s best knowledge and competence of the Russian market and business environment and the largest Finnish companies operating in Russia but also a science university that actively seeks solutions for the business community.

LUT is a pioneering science university in bringing together the fields of science and business and it has a tradition of strong links with the business community. Through East Office, LUT University’s know-how and scientific solutions can be passed on directly to Finnish companies in ways that best benefit them. At the same time, LUT will be the first Finnish university to get a seat at the table of large Finnish trade companies operating in Russia. LUT brings with it a unique expertise which further reinforces the importance of East Office community to its companies.

Lauri Veijalainen, CEO of East Office: The interaction between business and academia has enabled many Finnish innovations and economic growth. Closer cooperation offers significant opportunities, especially in trade with Russia. East Office has collaborated with universities in the past, but LUT University’s decision to join our ranks as a member is the first of its kind. The proactive approach of LUT towards business has already in advance created a lot of interest in our companies, and expectations for cooperation are high. I warmly welcome LUT to East Office!

Juha-Matti Saksa, Rector of LUT University: With East Office and its members, we at the LUT University want to look for new growth on issues related to clean water, air, and energy as well as a sustainable business both in Russia and elsewhere. From our standpoint, the new growth means new business opportunities for East Office companies through joint, concrete projects, internationally high-quality scientific publications as well as jobs for Finnish and international students graduating from LUT university.

Additional Information and comments:

Lauri Veijalainen, CEO of East Office, +358 46 876 1648,

Juha-Matti Saksa, Rector of LUT university, +358 400 166 659,