Elematic is a leading one-stop-supplier of precast concrete production technology and the related services for the global building construction industry.

Elematic offers production technology, services and software solutions for production of any type of precast concrete products: Hollow-core slabs, half slabs, ribbed slabs, T-beams, solid slabs, solid walls, sandwich wall panels, cladding panels, non-load bearing partition walls as well as various beams, columns and piles.

The solutions are designed to meet today’s high standards for structural and architectural design of buildings. With strong investment in product development Elematic aims at helping their customers increase productivity, improve performance, and profitability with lowest operational costs, best end products and lifetime commitment.

Elematic head office is located in Akaa, Finland. Elematic Groups’ sales in 2023 totalled approximately 60 million euro, and it employs around 320 people globally.