Supporting the Leading Finnish Companies in Russia.

East Office of Finnish Industries was founded in 2008 by 19 leading Finnish companies to support them in Russia, Ukraine and CIS. East Office represents its companies’ interests with the highest competence and best knowledge of Russia, Ukraine and CIS markets. Currently, there are 27 companies and 1 university in East Office community

Representatives from The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Confederation of Finnish Industries are present in the East Office Board

Our values
Sense of Community

East Office’s actions and performance are solely guided by the goals of its companies. East Office is a platform for its companies to engage with one another, with business leaders, decisionmakers and government officials in Russia and Finland.


The information and analysis provided by East Office are well-researched, thoroughly analysed, truthful and based on facts. East Office offers the highest competence and knowledge to its companies.


East Office reacts swiftly and adapts to changes in the external environment and informs its companies on any foreseeable changes proactively and promptly.